Genetic Genealogy DTC DNA-Tests overview 2024

Update May 2024 Find relatives (autosomal & X-DNA) Statistically, every individual inherits at least one DNA segment from each of their great-great-grandparents (4th generation, 16 ancestors). Beginning with the 5th generation the genetic ancestors diminish: 8th generation 220/256 ancestors, 16th generation 1018/65536 ancestors (Source Bob Jenkins, see also Anzahl genetische Vorfahren…). This means that it […]

A new decade of Genetic Genealogy: saturated growth and other concerns

In the last twenty years we have seen the rise of genetics as a tool for genealogists. First companies like FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA), Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) and Ancestry made it possible for private customers to buy DTC kits and initially get very low-res results for Y-DNA and mtDNA. The buildup of the matching databases […]

Tyrol Y-Chromosome Results at YFull

A check on public results from historical Tyrol. Geo-IDs at YFull. North/East-Tyrol (Innsbruck, Lienz): AUT [AT-7]South Tyrol (Bozen/Bolzano): ITA [IT-BZ]Trentino (Trento): ITA [IT-TN]So far a modest sample size. pre CT: not checked D: no results E: no results C: no results G: no results H: no results I1: no results I2: no results J1: no […]

Citizen science analysis of Ashkenazi Y-chromosome haplogroups 4

Recently Wim Penninx posted in the ISOGG Facebook group about his analysis of the known Y-DNA ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews (from where did they arrive in the area of the kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). The first quick look revealed a pearl of citizen science using a large collection of Direct to Consumer […]

Ötzi the Iceman’s Y-haplogroup update

The power of citizen science unfolds by the comparison of public research data with thousends of DTC-test-results. In the case of Ötzi the Iceman the Y-haplogroup found in research papers as terminal is so far G2a2a1a2-L91/PF3246/S285 (b37 position 21645555 G->C). Update August 2020: Ötzi has no known paternal line descendants (more Alpine men Y-DNA would be […]


Critique age and origin of the ancestor of all human Y-chromosomes (“Y-Adam”)

The topic when and where the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all human Y-chromosomes (somehow misleading but popularly called “Y-Adam”), inherited paternally from father to sons, did live, is one of the hottest topics in the population genetics field and affects also research and tools used by genetic genealogists focusing on the paternal lineage […]

35 ‘Austrian’ GenBank mtDNA sequences

Ian Logan has posted a very interesting information for Alpine DNA research in the list: A set of 35 ‘Austrian’ mtDNA sequecnes has appeared on GenBank. They are to accompany a paper (unpublished as yet) by: Kloss-Brandstaetter,A., Schaefer,G., Erhart,G., Stoeckl,A., Weissensteiner,H., Forer,L., Schoenherr,S., Pacher,D., Seifarth,C., Sottsas,I., Klocker,H., Pallua,J.D., Kronenberg,F. and Kloss,F.R. “Mutations in the […]

Online Course BioInformatics Genetic Data Handling

I hope I can finish this one: ONLINE COURSE BIOINFORMATICS This one sounds interesting for citizen science gen. genealogists wanting to follow newest developments: Week 1: NCBI/Blast I Week 2: Blast II/Comparative Genomics Week 3: Multiple Sequence Alignments Week 4: Phylogenetics Week 5: Selection Analysis Week 6: ‘Next Gen’ Sequence Analysis (RNA-seq) / Metagenomics

Handling big DNA data (genetic files)

I already have some experience with R-Language from DIY Dodecad. I was interested to learn more: A comparison of bioinformatics programming languages Learning R: