PopGenComp: Population Genetic Comparison (Citizen Science Projects)

PopGenComp (Population Genetic Comparison) is an initiative started 2013 by Chris Rottensteiner to allow Citizen Science research with genetic data from private persons (testing done by DTC-providers). All persons doing research or handling data as collaborators/researchers are called PopGenComp team.

Main goal: Consent for working with SAMPLE DATA and publication of the research preferably under free open access licenses like CC-BY-SA. 
Donor credit: Depends on donor; either anonymous, trough DTC kit ID/s and if allowed also with surname or full name.
Honor code: Each PopGenComp collaborator/researcher is wanted to respect the privacy and interests of donors.
Privacy: The data of the DNA Release Survey (consent for SAMPLE DATA) is collected trough Google Form and stored in an online-Google-spreadsheet which is password protected. This data together with the data accessible by DTC and & DNA sites by the PopGenComp team may be used in part or fully as main contribution for the research. Additional information how kit ID/s and other personal data should be published as allowed individually are available in the Google Form. Any further data (DNA DATA, etc.) is stored, computed and published also mainly trough free services to allow research without funding. The PopGenComp team is responsible for secure and responsible collection, storage, computing and publication of the SAMPLE DATA.

PopGenComp team as of Summer 2021:

See initial team 2013