Ötzi the Iceman’s Y-haplogroup update

reconstruction Ötzi mummy Prehistory Museum Quinson, CC-BY-SA 120

reconstruction Ötzi mummy Prehistory Museum Quinson, CC-BY-SA 120

The power of citizen science unfolds by the comparison of public research data with thousends of DTC-test-results. In the case of Ötzi the Iceman the Y-haplogroup found in research papers as terminal is so far G2a2a1a2-L91/PF3246/S285 (b37 position 21645555 G->C).

Update August 2020: Ötzi has no known paternal line descendants (more Alpine men Y-DNA would be needed to find if any share all his so far private Y-SNP mutations). The nearest Haplogroup to Ötzi is G-Z6494 which is so far present in Pakistan, Arabia, Marocco, Germany and Italy. https://www.yfull.com/tree/G-FGC5672/ In 2014 only the South German men results where known so it was assumed Ötzi’s Y-Haplogroup might have expanded from the Central Alps. But now we know all his modern nearest known Y-Cousins are much more widespread and it is a old Western Eurasia haplogroup.

2014 Text: Ray Banks, the very active and skilled citizen scientist for Y-Haplogroup G has unveiled the L91 substructure, finding also the position of Ötzi as G2a2a1a2a1a-FGC5672 (b37 position 8524959 C->T) so far shared only with a German DTC-sample (FGC result of Kraus family in Thüngen, Unterfranken, Bavaria, haplotypes in G-PF3146 project). Previously Ray also found Ötzi was positive for the upstream L166 SNP. It would be very interesting to get the sampled L91+ Tyrolean and additional Y-sequences from the Central Alpine and European area for comparison to the new L91 structure (tentative tree positions in Blue):

• • • •G2a2a1a2L91/PF3246/S285 (21645555 G->C)
• • • • •[G2a2a1a2a..PF3245 (21620547 C->T) FTDNA subgroup]
• • • •G2a2a1a2aPF3239 (17317628 C->T)
• • • •G2a2a1a2a1L166 (23989884 C->A)
• • • •G2a2a1a2a1aFGC5672 (8524959 C->T) Germans, Oetzi the Iceman
• • • •G2a2a1a2a1bZ6495 (18951899 A->G) [re-evaluate!]
• • • •G2a2a1a2a1cF3547 (23798772 C->T) FTDNA subgroup
• • • •G2a2a1a2bPF3236 (15783820 G->C) Sardinians
or PF3230 (2845552 C->T)
[Sample HG01311’s PF3239+, PF3236+ outlier results complicate finalizing position of PF3236]
• • • •G2a2a1a2b1PF3143(2717867 A->T) FTDNA subgroup
• • • •G2a2a1a2cZ12218 (2844687 A->T)
• • • •G2a2a1a2c1Z6228 (14393476 G->A)
• • • •G2a2a1a2c1aCTS5128/M1619 (16028396 T->C) Sardinians, Hispanics
• • • •G2a2a1a2c2PF3243 (18999582 T->A)
• • • •G2a2a1a2c2a Z6038 (21885631 G->A) Sardinians
• • • •G2a2a1a2c2b PF6836 (14013226 G->T) Sardinians
• • • •G2a2a1a2d..CTS2080 (14173814 G->T) FTDNA subgroup
• • • •G2a2a1a2eFGC2315 (7547161 T->C)

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